Alliums are Available to Pre-Order NOW for Delivery in the autumn.


PLEASE DO NOT expect delivery during the summer months. I expect delivery to begin during late September/early October, as soon as the bulbs are available and ready to plant.

Alliums are beautiful, early summer flowering bulbs. One of my favourite of all the Flowering plants.

I adore all Alliums, I love the effect their perfection and  simplicity brings to the garden and of course they extend the flowering period right into the summer.

I have picked out some of my favourite Allium varieties in this Luxury Allium Collection to provide a variety of flower size, shades of purple/pink and flowering period. 

Feel free to browse through my selection of  Alliums and see which bulbs you would like for masses of colour next spring/summer.

These Allium bulbs are larger and thus better quality than what I have found available in garden centres prepacked in plastic packaging.

The bulbs I am offering for sale are large and good quality which guarantees good quality blooms next spring. They come from a supplier whose Alliums I have been planting in gardens for over 10 years and each year the quality is superb.

Stagger the planting over a few weeks in the autumn and winter if you want to and this will result in the blooms opening up over a longer period in the spring

Delivery and Discounts - Now Delivering throughout Ireland and UK

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Within Ireland, all my deliveries are made by An Post Courier service. All their vehicles are electric vehicles and thus, no fossil fuels are used in the delivery of my orders within Ireland. Packaging, where possible is completely compostable.


All Pre- Season Orders (Bulbs and Flower Seeds) will be delivered when they arrive in stock. Please note that this is expected to be during October

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