Grazers Pest Repellant Products


Helping Plants to Help Themselves!

Maintaining the Natural Balance in the Garden is essential for healthy plants and biodiversity. In short what this means is that, ensuring a wide range of species exist in our garden, prevents the unnatural build up of any one species.

Introducing a chemical to control one pest interferes with this "Natural Balance" as it will often damage the predators of the pest you are trying to control in the first instance.

The pest numbers will always increase far quicker than the predator populations.

Grazers pest repellant products are an intricate part in this jigsaw by ensuring that no pest or predator is killed, rather the plants become totally unpalatable to plant pests.

When applied to leaves and stems, the calcium-based, environmentally safe Grazers products work by creating a ‘plant-mediated effect’ that makes the plants unpalatable to the pests

The plant pests then seek other food sources instead and leave our plants to thrive, helped in their growth by the calcium nutrient in the products.

Therefore Grazers pest repellant products, benefit not only our plants, which in effect are ‘helped to help themselves’, but also predators of the plant pests, thereby keeping the natural wildlife food chain in place, enhancing the environment and helping the rich tapestry.


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