Organic Slug Control

Slugs n Snails are our greatest pest in the garden, munching away happily on the fruits of all our hard work.

They can leave Hostas and other such perennials in ribbons and reduce a bed of freshly planted out seedlings to nothing overnight.

Many slug pellets on the market contain the active ingredient Methaldehyde and should not be used.

Methaldehyde pellets are banned in many European countries as they are highly toxic.

They do not just kill the slugs and snails but they are also lethal to their predators such as birds and hedgehogs.

Methaldehyde is also toxic to domestic pets and to us humans and I would seriously urge you not to use it.

Maintaining the natural balance is the secret to good gardens. A good Natural Balance will ensure a healthy population of predators and will ensure that no one species will gain an unnatural advantage in numbers.

I offer some organic and environmentally sound slug killers and slug control, barrier products.

By using products such as these you will be helping to restore and maintain the Natural Balance in your garden whilst at the same time ensuring that you have no slug and snail damage to your plants


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