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Collection: Wildflower Seeds


Create a beautiful Wildflower Meadow or a wildflower area in your garden with a choice of several different mixes of Wildflower Seeds.


Wild flowers of Ireland need our help!! Attract bees, butterflies, ladybirds and other beneficial insects to your garden using our  WIldflower Seeds, Ireland wide delivery.

A new meadow wants a soil which is very low in nutrients so don’t apply any fertiliser before sowing Wildflower Seeds. When to Sow Wildflower Seeds Ireland? The best months to sow wildflower seeds are March-April and September October.

All of our Native Irish WIdflower mixes contain a good mixture of blooming native wildflowers.

The Irish for flower is blath, a word nearly as old as many of the species themselves and many of our mixes are Native Irish Wildflower seeds of native Irish plants

So whether yo want wildflower yellow flowers, blue, red or any other colour there is a mixture for you. Using Irish seeds means that they are more likely to germinate, survive and thrive in Ireland giving you a beautiful display of Irish wildflowers by month and you are helping to sustain Ireland's wild plants

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Delivery and Discounts - Now Delivering throughout Ireland and UK

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Within Ireland, all my deliveries are made by An Post Courier service. All their vehicles are electric vehicles and thus, no fossil fuels are used in the delivery of my orders within Ireland. Packaging, where possible is completely compostable.


Wildflower Seeds