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In this, his second book, "Garden Design Made Easy: Creating Beauty and Attracting Wildlife," Peter shares his expertise and offers practical tips for homeowners who are looking to enhance their gardens while also attracting and supporting local wildlife.

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Virtual Garden Design Consultation

• Perhaps the best place to start on your garden design journey is a consultation or chat with myself, Peter Dowdall.

  • I am available on certain dates and times for an online chat where I can offer help and guidance to you for your garden.

    If you’re not sure which of the design options is right for you, I would advise starting with this Virtual Garden Design Consultation.

    • Perhaps it’s a completely new project and you just need some pointers about where to start, where to position patios, paths, garden beds and other features.

    • Maybe it’s an existing garden and you would like some help deciding on how best to give it new lease of life. I can advise on which plants are worth keeping, moving and removing.

    • Depending on what you want from the consultation, the more information you can give me beforehand or have with you on the day, the better. I will send you an email with some questions to best prepare both of us so that you get the best value from our chat.

    • The length of each consultation is up to 1 hour.
    • If there is no availability showing, that means I am booked out. You can email me directly at if this is the case and I can contact you should a cancellation appear.




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Conceptual Hand Drawn Design

If you would like a beautifully designed garden but perhaps you don't need all the extra details that come with a full-blown garden design, then this concept design could be the right option for you.

With this option you get a beautifully hand drawn design for your garden space showing all the different features within the garden

Complete with mood board images of the different elements of the garden.

You can include a Detailed Planting Plan with your hand drawn garden design.

  • We will select plants that are chosen specifically for your garden taking into account any existing features aspect and soil
  • Each design is unique and when choosing plants for your garden bed we are looking at elements such as color combinations and contrasting textures
  • A Conceptual Hand Drawn Garden Design should be looked upon as an initial investment before starting on your garden. This design will end up saving money in the long run by not making costly mistakes
  • All our planting plans are pollinator friendly and designed not just to give color interest and continuity but also to help promote biodiversity.

We will take all the site details from Google Earth ensuring that dimensions and aspect are as accurate as possible without surveying the site.

A Landscape contractor may be able to price from this design, however it is not intended to be a pricing document, rather to illustrate where the different elements will be in the garden and any contractor will need to take their own measurements and examine the site before pricing.


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2D, 3D and VR Design Packages

  • 2D Sketchup Design

    • This plan is like a bird's eye view of your future garden.

    • All garden elements will be shown like the position of pathways, seating areas, and garden structures.

    • With this 2D plan, you'll have a clear picture of what your garden will look like, and you can use it as a blueprint to be implemented in one go or over several years.
  • 3d Rendering

    • Really bring your garden deisgn to life with this detailed and realistic representation of your garden design in 3D.

    • With 3D design, we'll be able to show you different angles of your garden, including what it will look like from different areas in and around your home.

    • We'll be able to make any necessary adjustments to the design before construction even begins, so you can feel confident that your garden will be exactly what you imagined.

    • This is a great way to get a feel for your garden's scale, layout and overall design.

Complete Garden CAD Design Package

If you are starting a garden from scratch or, are giving an existing garden a complete overhaul then this is the option for you, as nothing is left to chance and you will be provided with the highest level of detail in your garden design.

  • When creating a new garden, mistakes can be expensive, particularly when looking at the hard landscaping elements such as, your paving, paths, steps and wall elements
  • This complete garden design package will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes as it is much easier and less expensive to change an element on paper than on the ground in your garden.
  • Benefit from all our years of training and experience with this complete garden design package

Included in Complete Garden Design Package:

  • Fully annotated CAD drawing
  • Material palette and specification
  • Planting palette and specification 
  • Detailed planting plan as per Conceptual Hand Drawn Design
  • Optional Computer rendering in 3D

Virtual Reality Garden Design

  • Experience the future of garden design with our VR service.

  • By embracing virtual reality technology, we can bring your garden to life before it's even built.

  • Through the use of a VR headset, you'll be able to immerse yourself in different areas of your outdoor living space and gain a comprehensive understanding of its scale, space, and layout.

  • See firsthand how the various materials and colours work together to create your garden.

  • Our VR garden design service allows you to perfect your garden design before construction begins, ensuring every detail meets your vision.

VR Garden Design

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