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  • Allium Gladiator, Allium, Alliums, Allium Bulbs, Ornamental Onion
  • Allium Gladiator, Allium, Alliums, Allium Bulbs, Ornamental Onion
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Allium Gladiator

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Allium Gladiator is a beautiful, early summer flowering bulb.

One of my absolute favourites of all the Alliums

These Allium Gladiator bulbs are supplied individually 

I adore all Alliums, I love the effect their perfection and  simplicity brings to the garden and of course they extend the flowering period right into the summer. 

On saying that, Allium Gladiator is widespread in my garden mixed with Allium Ambassador and Allium christophii. This is because it brings the height and the stately elegance that you expect from Alliums but in colour it is paler than Allium Ambassador and so the mixture works perfectly

Allium Gladiator: 

  • Each flowering stem can reach up to 1 metre in height and each perfectly formed, globe shaped Gladiator flower will reach about 20cm in diameter and is purple in colour
  • Don't be in a mad rush to remove stems once the flowers are gone. I love the seed heads too and the structure the spent flower stems bring to a bed even when the colour has long gone.
  • These, Allium Gladiator come from a supplier whose Alliums I have been planting in gardens for over 10 years and each year the quality is superb.
  • Plant 20cm deep and 10cm or more apart
  • Stagger the planting of Alliums over a few weeks in the autumn and winter if you want to and this will result in the blooms opening up over a longer period in the spring
  • Size of Bulb 20cm+
  • Bulbs are supplied individually.
  • All the packaging that I use is, where possible either reused, recycled or recyclable. All the bulbs are supplied to me loose in bulk crates so that there is no plastic wrapping or packaging to be dumped.