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  • Amaryllis Red Lion, red amaryllis
  • Amaryllis Red Lion, red amaryllis
  • Amaryllis Red Lion, red amaryllis
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Amaryllis Red Lion

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Amaryllis Red Lion produces beautiful, tall and elegant bright red blooms.
Each Super Size bulb size will produce at least 3 or 4 individual flower stems.
  • It will take 6-8 weeks from planting to flowering
  • Amaryllis Benfica will produce flowers on stems about 60-70cm high
  • Start the bulbs in a pot slightly larger than the diameter of the bulb
  • Use a good compost and fill the pot so that the bulb can sit comfortably on top, standing slightly proud of the pot
  • Fill around the side of the bulb with the compost so that 25-35% of the bulb is left exposed.
  • It is the temperature that triggers Amaryllis Benfica bulbs into growth.
  • Temperature will need to be 15-20degrees for growth to start.
  • Keep the compost damp without being too wet.
  • Start them off in a dark position until the shoots emerge and then move into a bright and sunny position.
  • Turn the pot slightly each day to keep the stem growing straight.
  • Stake with a bamboo cane if necessary.

  • Open the bag of compost and empty contents into the planter, keeping a small amount back to cover bulb.
  • Place bulb on compost, with bud facing upward and fill around the bulb evenly with the remaining compost. Leave bud of amaryllis uncovered for best results. Place indoors in a warm location (18°C).
  • Water sparingly making sure the bulb is not over watered.

  • When the flower bud appears, water twice weekly. Turn the pot regularly to keep the stem from growing towards the light. Once the flowers appear, you can prolong the bloom time by keeping in a cooler location and away from direct sources of heat.

These Products ARE available to Purchase NOW but WONT BE DELIVERED  until September/October which is the right time for sowing and planting