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Classic Self Watering Kit - Small/Medium

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The Self-Watering accessory is an amazing addition to your garden, lying beneath the compost to steadily deliver water to all your plants.

 A lid protects against solids entering the reservoir, while the fill meter alerts you if it ever runs low.

Please Allow 30 Days for Delivery in case this item isn't in stoc

  • Compatible with the Small or Medium - Please check the size!
  • Large reservoir can comfortably support your plants for days at a time.
  • Covered funnel prevents solids (and critters!) from falling into the reservoir.
  • Fill meter ensures your plants and flowers never run dry.


  • Height: 12cm
  • Width: 83cm
  • Depth: 29cm


  • Height: 12cm
  • Width: 166cm
  • Depth: 29cm