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Nyjer Seed

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Nyjer Seed is enjoyed by a wide variety of wild birds and really loved by certain birds, such as Blue Tits and Goldfinch

Nyjer Seed is an extremely important feed for wildbirds with myriad benefits.

This Nyjer Seed is supplied in 300g paper bags

As Nyjer Seed is huskless, the whole seed is eaten which means that there is very little mess left in your garden or beneath the bird feeder or table.

This Nyjer Seed can't be fed from a regular hanging seed feeder as it is too fine and needs to be used with a Nyjer Seed Feeder

Nyjer bird seed is a natural seed that attracts and nourishes wild birds 

  • Natural part of wild birds diet  
  • Ideal for feeding wild birds, squirrels and wildlife 
  • Best fed during cold winter months 
  • Nyjer bird seed is made a natural part of wild bird's diet.
  • This food is ideal for feeding wild birds,  squirrels and all types of wildlife.
  • Nyjer bird seed is a great source of natural plant fat and protein  which are nutritious and beneficial for wildlife.
  • Best fed in a Nijer Seed feeder.
  • Feeding woodland wild  bird food will bring native and wild birds to your garden.
  • Best fed during cold and winter months when more natural food sources are limited and  energy is vital to wildlife.

Nyjer Seeds - Uses 

  • Goldfinches love nyjer seed & so do a range of other small birds including 
  • Siskins, Greenfinches & Chaffinches  
  • Nyjer seed is a great way of introducing a range of different birds into the garden