Muscari armeniacum

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Muscari armeniacum also referred to as Grape Hyacinth is second to none in terms of the colour and beauty it will bring to your spring garden

These Muscari armeniacum are supplied in packets of 30 for €5.00

Producing beautiful blue flowers on stems up to 15cm high, these really beautiful Grape Hyacinths are perfectly suited to growing in pots or in beds and borders and are so easy to grow, simply plant them during autumn and winter, sit back, forget about them and await a vision in blue!

Muscari bulbs are Available to Pre-Order NOW for Delivery in the Autumn.

By pre-ordering your Muscari armeniacum flowers now you can avail of a Special Discount which will give you a Fantastic 30% OFF the Retail Prices listed on this site.

Flower bulbs are traded like a commodity and thus, the closer we get to the autumn and planting time, the more expensive the bulbs. 

By ordering spring flowering bulbs such as Muscari now, I can reserve these bulbs at a reduced price and I am happy to pass that saving on to you. 

This Discount  will be removed and disabled as soon as prices increase, probably sometime in June or July.

Quite simply, the better quality the bulb, the better quality the plant and flowers which are produced.

  • Plant 5-cm deep and 5cm or more apart
  • Stagger the planting over a few weeks if you want to and this will result in the blooms opening up over a longer period in the spring
  • Muscari armeniacum bulbs can be successfully planted right in to January
  • Size of Bulb 7-8cm and bigger

I have been growing Grape Hyacinths from this bulb grower for over 10 years and each year the quality is superb.

All the packaging that I use is, where possible either reused, recycled or recyclable. All the bulbs are supplied to me loose in bulk crates so that there is no plastic wrapping or packaging to be dumped.

This fantastic 30% PRE-SEASON SAVING will be automatically calculated and deducted from your total at the Checkout Page, No need to enter any codes or promos, it will all happen automatically.

You will only be charged the discounted amount which is equal to 30% OFF The listed price on each Muscafri bulb and this FANTASTIC SAVING will only be available while I can secure supply at pre-season prices

No Spring Flowering Bulbs will be delivered before the autumn. 

PLEASE DO NOT expect delivery during the summer months. I expect delivery to begin during late August/early September, as soon as the bulbs are available and ready to plant.