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Raised Planter Greenhouse Frame & Multi-Cover Set

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Experience all that nature has to offer with the Raised Planter Greenhouse Frame & Multi-Cover Set!

The innovative setup is crafted from robust, powder-coated steel and polyethylene to ensure protection and longevity.

During chilly months, the greenhouse cover helps keep your plants warm and extends your growing season.

Plus, the Micro Mesh cover blocks out insects while allowing air flow; never worry about pesky pests ruining your plants!

Please Note: This product does NOT include the Raised Bed Planter itself which can be purchased here: Raised Bed Planter (FSC 100%) - The Irish Gardener Store

With openings all around, you'll have ample access for maintenance and make the most out of each season!

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  • Height: 70.5cm
  • Depth: 53cm
  • Width: 70.5cm