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Sparaxis is also referred to as the Harlequin flower and that is because the range of colours produced from these beautiful spring flowering bulbs is second to none

These Sparaxis are supplied in packets of 30 for €5.00

Flowering in a fanfare of colour each year during May and June on stems up to 50cm high, these really beautiful Sparaxis are perfectly suited to growing in pots or in beds and borders and are so easy to grow, simply plant them during autumn and winter, sit back, forget about them and await a kaleidoscope of colour


  • Plant 5-cm deep and 5cm or more apart
  • Stagger the planting over a few weeks if you want to and this will result in the blooms opening up over a longer period in the spring
  • Sparaxis bulbs can be successfully planted right in to January
  • Size of Bulb 5-6cm and bigger

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