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Wooden Rectangle Planter Tall - (FSC 100%)

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This Wooden Rectangle Planter Tall is crafted from 100% FSC-certified wood with a water-based preservative applied.

The Vegtrug Wooden Rectangle Planter Tall ,is the perfect height to tend to plants without bending.

Plus, its soil space saving feature means you won't need to use too much soil, saving you time, money, and energy!

And with enough space to add a self-watering kit, it's perfect for those looking to reduce manual watering, particularly in the summer months. 

Every VegTrug product is safe for both food and animals, treated with an eco-friendly water-based preservative.

These Items are available to purchase now for delivery during February 2024. By pre-ordering in this way, you can avail of a 10% Discount on the price listed. Simply enter the code: Vegtrug 

at the checkout page and you will receive the discount anytime up to 14th January.

  • Height: 82cm
  • Width: 94cm
  • Depth: 38cm