About The Irish Gardener - Peter Dowdall

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About The Irish Gardener - Peter Dowdall

All my life I have been interested in and worked in gardens, gardening, landscaping and garden design in Ireland and the UK. 

  • Here on The Irish Gardener, I offer for sale bulbs, wildflower seeds and products which I like to use in my own garden and in gardens of clients for whom I am working. These are what you'll find in my garden shed so to speak.

  • In the real world I work as a garden designer and consultant: 
  • Maintaining and enhancing biodiversity is one of the challenges facing everyone at the moment and I feel responsible to create gardens which will do just that.

  • I present on RTE and Virgin Media  television and on radio in Ireland and I am also the Garden Design and Gardening columnist for the Irish Examiner newspaper along with being a regular Features writer for The Irish Garden magazine.

  • I am passionate about gardens, gardening, landscaping and plants and I have hopefully managed to share my enthusiasm with many others and helped a few budding gardeners along the way.

  • I fervently believe that the garden offers us the solutions to nearly all of our modern day problems:
  • Our mental health benefits from just being outside in the Great Outdoors.
  • Our physical health is improved by the aerobic workout which a day gardening will provide and also by eating the fresh organic produce from the garden.
  • And the garden has  critical roles to play in counteracting the effects of climate change and slowing the rate of species extinction
  • ​For more information on my garden design and consultancy service please have a look at my Garden Design Blog Post