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Terrific Tulips

I have selected some of my favourite Tulip bulbs into this Terrific Tulips collection

This selection will provide colour right through from late March, into April and May

I only have a limited amount of these bulb collections to see how they go, so as the saying goes…..”when they’re gone, they’re definitely gone!!”

They are priced at 30%OFF the individual retail prices.

What’s Included in the Terrific Tulips Collection:


7 x Tulip Couleur Cardinal

This is a really stately and elegant single flowering tulip with petals of crimson red/burgundy in colour

7 x Tulip Spring Green 

Tulip Spring Green is a really attractive, spring flower. A white, Lily-type, viridiflora Tulip with a distinctive and very attractive green flame from the base of each petal.

7 x Mixed Double Tulips

Mixed Double Tulips will make a fantastic, floral and colourful display in your garden during the spring. The ruffled flower blooms bring a sense of luxury to the garden

8 x Tulip White Rebel

Tulip White Rebel is a really strikingly beautiful white parrot tulip with very distinctive and attractive green mottling on each petal.

7 x Tulip Grand Perfection

Tulip Grand Perfection is a beautiful early flowering single, Triumph Tulip growing to  30-40cm in height.

Very striking off white flowers with bright red flames on a white base are produced in April

8 x Tulip Princess Irene

Tulip Princess Irene produces tall, elegant stems of really dramatic orange flowers, flamed with purple during late April and May

Tulip Princess Irene has been awarded an RHS AGM which denotes a top performer in the garden

and Tulip Princess Irene is great as a cut flower

 7 x Tulip Texas Gold

Tulip Texas Gold is a beautiful yellow coloured parrot Tulip with fringed edges which flowers during May on stems 40-60cm in height.