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Aluminium VegTrug 1.8m- Teak Wood Effect

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The VegTrug Aluminium is a modern reimagining of their classic VegTrug.

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Crafted with high-grade aluminium and a weather-resistant coating that looks just like wood, it's designed to provide comfortable ergonomics, deep and shallow growth, and wheelchair access.

It's a great solution for bringing the joy of gardening to everyone, regardless of the size of their space.

An added bonus - with its unique V-shape and biodegradable liner, you can also achieve deep aeration of your plants' root systems, while ensuring proper drainage.


  • Holds 420 litres of compost.
  • Durable aluminium with the appearance of wood.
  • Pre-formed, biodegradable liner included.
  • The V-shape ensures all kinds of growth can be supported.
  • Ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Comfortable working height, easy for wheelchair access.
  • Height: 80cm
  • Width: 183cm
  • Depth: 76cm