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Battery Telescopic Hedge Cutter and Chainsaw PTT20

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The stylish design and Verdemax reliability make this tool a must-have for gardeners!

It can be used interchangeably as a pruner and trimmer, with simple conversion between the two.

Its removable upper portion makes this tool fit perfectly for any gardening job. Verdemax's garden range caters to the needs of pros and amateurs alike.

  • E-Power Battery Included (For use on all the Verdemax Battery Gardening Tools)
  • Battery Charger included
  • 2 year guarantee


Verdemax pruner:

  • 200mm bar
  • Oregon chain
  • 5m/x chain speed
  • Motor angle adjustment from 0' to 30'
  • Length can be adjusted from 195.5cm to 250.5cm

Verdemax Trimmer: 

  • 440mm bar
  • 400mm cutting width
  • length from 220cm to 275cm
  • 20mm cutting width

Lithium Ion - 20V - 2Ah


Hedge trimmer: 3.3kg

Pruner: 3.6kg