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Aluminium VegTrug 1m- Teak Wood Effect

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The VegTrug Aluminium is a modern reimagining of their classic VegTrug.

Crafted with high-grade aluminium and a weather-resistant coating that looks just like wood, it's designed to provide comfortable ergonomics, deep and shallow growth, and wheelchair access.

Please allow up to 30 days for delivery in case item is not in stock

It's a great solution for bringing the joy of gardening to everyone, regardless of the size of their space.

An added bonus - with its unique V-shape and biodegradable liner, you can also achieve deep aeration of your plants' root systems, while ensuring proper drainage.

*Images show 1.8m Aluminium VegTrug, This Item is only 1m*

  • Durable aluminium with the appearance of wood.
  • Pre-formed, biodegradable liner included.
  • The V-shape ensures all kinds of growth can be supported.
  • Ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Comfortable working height, easy for wheelchair access.
  • Height: 80cm
  • Width: 103cm
  • Depth: 76cm