Easy Grow Native Irish Wildflower Seed Mixture

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Easily create the ultimate wildflower meadow with this Easy Grow Native Irish Wildflower Seed Mixture

Easy Grow Native Irish Wildflower Mixture will provide a splash of colour and is an easy to grow mixture of Native Irish Wildflower seeds.

It is the ideal mixture for new gardens & great fun for children to sow as it flowers within 6-10 weeks from planting. 

20g packet will cover 6-7 square metres

A new meadow wants a soil which is very low in nutrients so don’t apply any fertiliser before sowing Easy Grow Wildflower Seed Mixture. The best months to sow your Native Irish Wildflower Seed Mixtures are March-April and September October.

Easy Grow Native Irish Wildflower Mixture

  • Is a selection of Cornfield annuals - species from the most endangered ecosystems. 
  • Easy Grow Native Irish Wildflower Mixture contains annuals
  • Is used as a stand alone 'splash of colour' seed mixture to provide a floral display,
  • Can be used to replace summer bedding or to provide temporary colour, while a site is being developed.
  • Can be sown with other mixtures to provide quick colour and allow time for slower wildflower seedlings to germinate.


If the Easy Grow Native Irish Wildflower Mixture is allowed to set seed and the soil is then turned every year the annual wildflower seed mixture will continue to repeat germinate and flower each year,

When the annual flowers finish, cut them and lightly cultivate the soil, hiding the seeds from the birds. 

For a 'Poppy field' with some of the other annuals, Normal, best sown early spring or in September


Native Irish Wildflower Seed Mixtures are not for human or animal consumption as they contain species which can be mildly toxic if ingested.  

Easy Grow Native Irish Wildflower Mixture  

  • Suits Dry, Normal and Moist soils
  • Suited to most soil pH provided not extreme
  • Will thrive in most aspects but not deeply shaded.
  • Cut at the end of summer in Autumn, leave trimmings for 3-4 weeks and then remove
  • Total number of seeds per gram: 2782 


Seed Sowing Rates:  

Pure wildflowers 3 grams per metre.

Species List

Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy, Corncockle, Cornflower, Scented Mayweed, Scentless Mayweed other annuals may be added when available

Pictures are illustrative only and whilst I have made every attempt to ensure that they represent what is in each Native Wildflower Seed mixture, they are not definitively accurate as to what is included in each mixture