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Raised Bed Grow Kit - Natural (FSC 100%)

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Our Raised Bed Grow Kit makes it a breeze to start your own garden!

Crafted with 100% FSC sustainable wood, reinforced with aluminum for long-lasting use, the rectangular base of this kit ensures durability.

Combining two layers- a polyethylene outer layer and a micro-mesh insect layer- these layers zip separately for easy access and maintenance of your crops.

Plus, the powder-coated steel frame and polyethylene cover help to trap heat, protecting your plants in colder months and extending your growing season.

The micro-mesh layer also prevents insects from landing on and damaging your plants, while still allowing them to breathe freely.

The larger version of the Grow Kit makes it perfect to grow tomatoes.

Enjoy the convenience of this Grow Kit and get the essential tools to create your own indoor garden!

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  • Height: 190cm
  • Width: 110cm
  • Depth: 70cm