Nature Safe

Nature Safe is an exciting range of Organic and Vegan Friendly products using 100% organic, plant based material. There are no animal by-products or poultry additions and Nature Safe is Child and Pet Safe.

I couldn't want more from a range of gardening products and I cannot think of any gardening products that offers your garden more than this Nature Safe range.

  • Organic,
  • Plant Based Material,
  • Child and Pet Safe,
  • Bee Friendly,
  • Irish Made,
  • Works with Nature and.....

IT WORKS, better than any other range of gardening products that I have used.

It is essential to reinvigorate nature with the natural nutrients and beneficial micro organisms already supplied by Nature herself and this is what the Nature Safe range of organic gardening products does.

Nature Safe simply unlocks the power of Nature to help your garden.


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