Paeonies, also referred to as Paeony Rose are hugely symbolic in the East are widely grown in Ireland and the UK for their incredibly showy blooms.


Early summer is paeony time and they bring masses of luxurious, flouncy and showy flowers during April, May and June.

Spelled either as Paeony or Peony, these herbaceous Paeonies are easy to grow. SImply plant the Paeonies in a good, humus rich soil in a sunny position.

These Paeonies are sold as bare root plants so when you receive delivery of your Paeonies, I advise planting them immediately either into pots or straight into the ground.

These Paeony roots can be planted anytime from November - April and keep them well watered during their first year.

Give their position in the garden some thought before planting Paeonies as, once established they dont really like to be disturbed.


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