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Collection: All Raised Beds and Planters

It was believed in times gone by that plants performed better in raised beds as they were closer to the sun and to God. What is certainly true is that many plants do better in beds that are elevated.

There are several reasons for this:

  • The plants are that bit closer to the sun and therefore warmer.
  • By creating a raised bed you can control the growing media that goes into it, for example if you want to grow carrots, parsnips and other root crops you can ensure that the soil is stone free and sandy, ideal for these plants.
  • Also by raising the bed high enough you can ensure that the carrot fly cannot get at the plants.
  • In a raised bed you can provide good drainage for the plants within.

It’s not just for fruit and vegetable gardeners. Ornamental plants will also thrive in these beds.

Maintenance of your horticultural beauties is much easier in a bed that may be as high or higher than your knee as you are not stooping to get to the weeds, believe me it’s a long time since my fingers have seen my toes and to keep gardening from becoming a chore such tasks as weeding, pruning, dead heading etc can all be made easier by raising the plants.

Many materials can be used to create raised beds

Just bear a few things in mind and they are:

the overall dimensions, make sure you can easily access all parts of the bed for maintenance, weeding and harvesting,

make sure the bed is on a surface that allows it to drain freely,



All Raised Beds and Planters